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Katie Hales - "Miss Katie"

Katie has been working with kids  in preschool and kindergarten classrooms for ten years. She also has 15 years of dance background. She loves taking a hands on STEM approach to teaching little ones and giving them a  genuine love for learning and curiosity about the world of possibilities around them. Her goal is to help kids to understand they can do amazing things when they don’t give up. Katie has three amazing young  kids, and in her free time loves to make and test out new curriculum with their help.

David Hales
Office Manager/Support

David is the behind the scenes support that works on making our website, deals with Invoices and generally helps to take care of all the behind the scenes things so that Katie can focus on teaching. David does have over 6 years experience in theater, and has performed in several theaters around the valley. he has also served on the board of a local theater. David enjoys working in and on theatrical productions, and playing games with his family in his spare time.

April Beardall - "Miss April"

April has been involved in theaters around the valley for 30 years. She studied musical theater at Weber State and has a degree in Psychology from the University of Utah. She is excited to share her passion of performing arts with your little ones. In her spare time, April loves to travel, read and play games with her husband and 3 boys.

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